Why Praying Each Night Can Help You Sleep Better

Why Praying Each Night Can Help You Sleep Better

More and more people report having real difficulty falling asleep each and every year, and the trend certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to reverse any time soon.

Our modern world is filled with an almost overwhelming amount of stress, pressure, and anxiety. We live in the most connected AND competitive environment in human history, and we are certainly going through some radical changes right now.

It’s easy to see why people are having such a tough time getting to sleep even if with all of the weight of the world pressing down upon them.

Thankfully though, it’s possible to wash away a lot of that stress and pressure each and every night just before bed and give yourself every chance to rest, recuperate, and recover.

All it takes is a little bit of prayer.

The mind/body link is very, very real

For as long as there have been people, there have been those that doubt the mind/body connection and the real power that the mind has over our physical bodies.

However, thanks in large part to science and research, we are now able to much better understand the impact that our mind has on our body, our health, and our well-being – and also how much of an impact it has on our souls.

When our minds are cluttered with feelings of stress, pressure, and anxiety these feelings, these emotions manifest physically and causes great pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. This completely destroys our chances of getting a solid night of sleep. Of course, investing in the best mattress for back pain will somehow alleviate the discomfort. But not totally.

How to deal with it then? By praying.

When we pray, however, we are able to unload these burdens while at the same time accepting the fact that we are simply being challenged so that we may grow. Our time of prayer allows us to gain the necessary insight and perspective we need to better manage the mind and body link, giving ourselves every chance to wash away the day’s pressure before we lay down for the night.

Nightly prayer allows us to express gratitude

Sometimes, when we are in the middle of a downward spiral and feel as though the walls of the modern world are crushing in on us from all sides it’s challenging to remain grateful for all of the gifts that we have been given.

There’s no better armor against stress, pressure, and anxiety than feeling grateful, and understanding – really accepting – all of the gifts that we’ve been given and all of the opportunities we have to positively impact the world around us.

When we move through our nightly prayers we have a chance to express this gratitude, to make knowledge this gratitude, and to embrace this gratitude. There’s real power in prayer, and gratitude goes a long way towards unleashing all of the power of prayer has to offer.

Not only are you going to have the opportunity to express your gratitude for all the gifts that you’ve been given, but you’ll also be able to reframe any challenges or obstacles that you’re pushing through as well. Instead of seeing them as insurmountable battles, you’ll instead recognize them as what they really are – opportunities to grow, to achieve, and to learn.

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