Why do you need to trust in Jesus?

51-BLOG-lean-on-600In the present scenario, many people do not have faith in Jesus Christ. They save themselves they follow Christianity but do not trust in Jesus. As per to their thinking, believing in Jesus is somewhat equal to intellectual suicide. Some people who have attacked or killed Jesus Christ have reflected this negative thought to the followers. They have made the innocents turn against Jesus Christ.

The attacked people say that Jesus has never lived on this earth. The story the Christians or the bible says a fairy legend or tale. No matter, you believe or do not believe the truth. The truth cannot be changed, and it cannot be hidden for a long time. It will come to light at one point in time. If not, their life consequences will make the people believe the truth.

The serious historian knows how Jesus Christ lived and how he left his life on earth. There are several pieces of evidence and proof for the knowledge. The ancient writers have mentioned about Jesus Christ in several of their poetry and artistic works. One of the Jewish historians has mentioned about Jesus Christ in his works. From the title itself, you will get to know that Jesus Christ has existed on this earth long ago. When you believe in Jesus, it is equal to committing your life to him.

Jesus has given a real meaning to human’s life. The life will remain meaningless if you have not chosen Christ in your life. When you play a game or even in the real life, you will come across the truth called death. It is the reality that we should not forget throughout our life. If you believe in life, death, then you should trust in the Jesus Christ.

Without Jesus Christ in life is like the blind sailing in a large ocean. If you do not know what you are doing or where you are going, it is useless to live this life.

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