Understanding Other People’s Sacred Pathways


If you wish to live a trust Christian life, then you need to know the sacred pathways followed by others. It will help you to experience God as they have experienced in their real life. When you hear and understand other’s experience, you will get to know how gifted you are, how privileged to live a life and how God has turned your life. The blog will impress the Christian followers. They have to engage themselves in theology, speak in tongues or go on a haven to learn the experience and sacred pathways of others.

Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas is a great book. It is a book that you should never miss in your lifetime. It helps you to understand one’s spiritual temperament. He has explained nine spiritual temperaments or different pathways in his book. It helps a person to know his weaknesses and strengths on the whole. It contains the spiritual temperaments of intellectuals, contemplatives, enthusiasts, caregivers, activists, acetic, traditionalists, senates and naturalists. When you read the book, you will feel to explore your spiritual temperament. It is the best approach where a person can learn and discover other’s spiritual experiences. It is well known that every person has their own and unique spiritual pathways.

Some people will feel confused when they experience something that others have not experienced. They will start to think why it happens to them and whether they are the only person in the world to experience such an incident. They may even doubt their faith and think whether they have done anything wrong. The spiritual enthusiast pathway will be different, and he/she may view the traditionalist pathway as dry and dead.

The opinions and preferences will differ from one another, but it does not mean they are not spiritual in the heart. In the same way, the traditionalist may see an enthusiast as sentimental and over emotional. The activists think that the intellectuals always remain busy, and the intellectuals would think that activists are unthinking agitators.
The temperaments have a weakness, and there are limitations to diversity. When you meet an Orthodox person, you would know how the spirit within them has worked.

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