Unanswerable Question: Who am I?

whi i am

Most people question themselves ‘who am I?’ The Logical Song has entitled this phrase. It is a song expressed in desperation in the year 1979. According to the Bible and Christian story, the world is created by God with his power, decision, and will. We are the stage players enacting in a drama called the world.

Our purpose is to perform as instructed. We will come to know the purpose of our living only when we exist. It is how the Christian story instructs people. It has also mentioned that we would spoil the place very quickly. We have been living in this world for centuries. If we have not done any sins, the place would not be spoilt. According to the Gospel fundamental, humankind is broken. Bob Dylan has mentioned in his own terms ‘everything is broken’ in a simple context.

The important truth behind is something unknown. For example, if we are sick, we do not totally fall into it. We seek to treatment and most time we get healed. In one way, the story reveals a different meaning. If we are sick, then why we need to look for healing. When we go to a deadly sick status, how the treatment works to make the person normal.

The Bible story tells that our Creator loves us so much, and it is the reason he has put the healing into action. We can get cured of the disease, illness, and deadly status because God loves his creation, the humans. It is we who created a nation, culture, religion and other differences. It has broken people in various proportion. But at the same time, we find love, goodness, hope and others called humanity in the same cruel world. To conclude, there is both badness and goodness in this earth.

It is we who should decide and follow a spiritual path. When you take up and apply this principle in your real life, you will know the purpose of your life. You will get the answer who you are and why God have created you. You may come across lots of imperfections in your life, but it would be for a good reason. You would come to know only after you pass the storm.

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