At What Age Should a Child Be Taught How to Pray?

At What Age Should a Child Be Taught How to PrayIf you are religious and you want to pass this to your child, make sure that you teach your child how to pray at a young age. This is something that is developed over time. If you instill the value of faith, your child will appreciate it. In fact, even without being told, your child will keep on praying.

It would be nice if you are there to see your child praying. However, you can’t be there at all times. The good thing is that you can use a baby monitor. It allows you to hear what your child is saying even if you are not physically there inside the room. You will know once your child starts to pray as you can hear it with the help of the baby monitor. You can check BabyGearGuide for more information about the best child monitor to use.

Don’t force faith

Being prayerful takes time and practice. You want to teach the right values to your child without necessarily forcing religion down the throat. It must be a good experience. Faith is something that grows with time and experience. There is nothing wrong in teaching a child to pray at a young age, especially during the time when the child learns how to speak.

However, you need to make sure that it is done the right way. You teach about the right values to be learned from being prayerful and not to judge others who don’t share the same faith, or are not a believer at all.

Walk the talk

Aside from teaching your child how to pray, you should also show the right values by example. You cannot just tell your child to be prayerful without necessarily showing how it is to be a good follower of the words. It is easier to believe what you say if you can show what it truly means to be faithful. Children learn fast especially if they learn the values from their parents. Therefore, they need to be given the right tools growing up. However, if the time comes when they are ready to choose their path of faith moving forward, they must have the choice to do so.

Why Praying Each Night Can Help You Sleep Better

Why Praying Each Night Can Help You Sleep Better

More and more people report having real difficulty falling asleep each and every year, and the trend certainly doesn’t look like it’s going to reverse any time soon.

Our modern world is filled with an almost overwhelming amount of stress, pressure, and anxiety. We live in the most connected AND competitive environment in human history, and we are certainly going through some radical changes right now.

It’s easy to see why people are having such a tough time getting to sleep even if with all of the weight of the world pressing down upon them.

Thankfully though, it’s possible to wash away a lot of that stress and pressure each and every night just before bed and give yourself every chance to rest, recuperate, and recover.

All it takes is a little bit of prayer.

The mind/body link is very, very real

For as long as there have been people, there have been those that doubt the mind/body connection and the real power that the mind has over our physical bodies.

However, thanks in large part to science and research, we are now able to much better understand the impact that our mind has on our body, our health, and our well-being – and also how much of an impact it has on our souls.

When our minds are cluttered with feelings of stress, pressure, and anxiety these feelings, these emotions manifest physically and causes great pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. This completely destroys our chances of getting a solid night of sleep. Of course, investing in the best mattress for back pain will somehow alleviate the discomfort. But not totally.

How to deal with it then? By praying.

When we pray, however, we are able to unload these burdens while at the same time accepting the fact that we are simply being challenged so that we may grow. Our time of prayer allows us to gain the necessary insight and perspective we need to better manage the mind and body link, giving ourselves every chance to wash away the day’s pressure before we lay down for the night.

Nightly prayer allows us to express gratitude

Sometimes, when we are in the middle of a downward spiral and feel as though the walls of the modern world are crushing in on us from all sides it’s challenging to remain grateful for all of the gifts that we have been given.

There’s no better armor against stress, pressure, and anxiety than feeling grateful, and understanding – really accepting – all of the gifts that we’ve been given and all of the opportunities we have to positively impact the world around us.

When we move through our nightly prayers we have a chance to express this gratitude, to make knowledge this gratitude, and to embrace this gratitude. There’s real power in prayer, and gratitude goes a long way towards unleashing all of the power of prayer has to offer.

Not only are you going to have the opportunity to express your gratitude for all the gifts that you’ve been given, but you’ll also be able to reframe any challenges or obstacles that you’re pushing through as well. Instead of seeing them as insurmountable battles, you’ll instead recognize them as what they really are – opportunities to grow, to achieve, and to learn.

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Your Body is a Gift from God so Take Care of it!

Your Body is a Gift from God so Take Care of it

It’s kind of crazy to think about how some people treat their body – the only one that they are ever going to get – as poorly as they do.

Sure, it can be a lot of fun to kind of lounge around the home dipping into snacks and sugary beverages while watching a football match – but when your health starts to decline because of inactivity and poor nutritional choices that are doing anything but helping you, things need to be addressed as quickly as possible to get right back on track.

If you’ve been looking for a couple of tips and tricks to help you realize all of the gifts from God that your body represents, helping yourself get back into the best shape of your life, you’ve come to the right place!

Your body is your temple

The bottom line is simply this – your body may be nothing more than a vessel for your soul, but it allows you to interact with the physical realm and all of those that you love and care about most.

It allows you to take advantage of your God-given talents, it allows you to pursue your destiny, and it provides you with the means to achieve your goals and to lead the kind of life you were put here to lead.

If you’re negligent with your body, you’re essentially ignoring the gifts that you’ve been given by God in the form of your body, taking them for granted, and wasting them away.

What could possibly be worse than that?

Here’s how to get back on track

After realizing what a gift it is to have this body in the first place, you need to immediately begin taking stock of where you are at physically as well as nutritionally.

You’re going to want to take a good, long, hard look at the kinds of foods you eat to fuel your body, and make a serious commitment to abandoning those that are going to cripple your health while interned in embracing those that will help you breathe new life into your worn out and tired body.

You’re going to want to move away from overly processed foods that are high in sugar and fat and instead move towards food that is as close to its natural form as possible. Vegetables, fruits, and lean meat should build the backbone of your new diet, and you’ll find that you become an almost brand-new person overnight.

Once your diet has been taken care of, it’s time to embrace physical exercise – but only just the right amount. Pushing yourself too hard, too fast, and too often is going to lead to burnout as well as put you in a higher risk potential for injury. Any setbacks in the early stages are going to derail your progress and threatened your ability to unlock everything that your God-given gift of a body has to offer.

Start slow by doing some light cardio exercises such as jogging or biking. You can also purchase exercise equipment you can put in your home such as a rowing machine. Look for websites like There are many sites on the internet that offer information on home exercise machines.

Embrace the challenge, embrace the change, and embrace the gift.

Understanding Other People’s Sacred Pathways


If you wish to live a trust Christian life, then you need to know the sacred pathways followed by others. It will help you to experience God as they have experienced in their real life. When you hear and understand other’s experience, you will get to know how gifted you are, how privileged to live a life and how God has turned your life. The blog will impress the Christian followers. They have to engage themselves in theology, speak in tongues or go on a haven to learn the experience and sacred pathways of others.

Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas is a great book. It is a book that you should never miss in your lifetime. It helps you to understand one’s spiritual temperament. He has explained nine spiritual temperaments or different pathways in his book. It helps a person to know his weaknesses and strengths on the whole. It contains the spiritual temperaments of intellectuals, contemplatives, enthusiasts, caregivers, activists, acetic, traditionalists, senates and naturalists. When you read the book, you will feel to explore your spiritual temperament. It is the best approach where a person can learn and discover other’s spiritual experiences. It is well known that every person has their own and unique spiritual pathways.

Some people will feel confused when they experience something that others have not experienced. They will start to think why it happens to them and whether they are the only person in the world to experience such an incident. They may even doubt their faith and think whether they have done anything wrong. The spiritual enthusiast pathway will be different, and he/she may view the traditionalist pathway as dry and dead.

The opinions and preferences will differ from one another, but it does not mean they are not spiritual in the heart. In the same way, the traditionalist may see an enthusiast as sentimental and over emotional. The activists think that the intellectuals always remain busy, and the intellectuals would think that activists are unthinking agitators.
The temperaments have a weakness, and there are limitations to diversity. When you meet an Orthodox person, you would know how the spirit within them has worked.

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Unanswerable Question: Who am I?

whi i am

Most people question themselves ‘who am I?’ The Logical Song has entitled this phrase. It is a song expressed in desperation in the year 1979. According to the Bible and Christian story, the world is created by God with his power, decision, and will. We are the stage players enacting in a drama called the world.

Our purpose is to perform as instructed. We will come to know the purpose of our living only when we exist. It is how the Christian story instructs people. It has also mentioned that we would spoil the place very quickly. We have been living in this world for centuries. If we have not done any sins, the place would not be spoilt. According to the Gospel fundamental, humankind is broken. Bob Dylan has mentioned in his own terms ‘everything is broken’ in a simple context.

The important truth behind is something unknown. For example, if we are sick, we do not totally fall into it. We seek to treatment and most time we get healed. In one way, the story reveals a different meaning. If we are sick, then why we need to look for healing. When we go to a deadly sick status, how the treatment works to make the person normal.

The Bible story tells that our Creator loves us so much, and it is the reason he has put the healing into action. We can get cured of the disease, illness, and deadly status because God loves his creation, the humans. It is we who created a nation, culture, religion and other differences. It has broken people in various proportion. But at the same time, we find love, goodness, hope and others called humanity in the same cruel world. To conclude, there is both badness and goodness in this earth.

It is we who should decide and follow a spiritual path. When you take up and apply this principle in your real life, you will know the purpose of your life. You will get the answer who you are and why God have created you. You may come across lots of imperfections in your life, but it would be for a good reason. You would come to know only after you pass the storm.

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What is Moralism? How should it be applied in real life?


Many people understand the term Moralism in different ways. They do not know the exact meaning but use it in their terms. Well, let us discuss the real meaning of the term Moralism in this blog. God has given all necessary tools. The humans are responsible for choosing the tools as per their requirement. God is willing to give humans power. The humans should be open to accepting and use the power. We have everything in abundance but we do not look or search for it.

The creator is willing to work with us, but it is we the humans should cooperate. It is simple to avoid sin and stay holy. It is totally in our hands. But we do not follow the principle. We do the sin and regret at a later time. Some do not even regret their sin. If we have total faith in our creator, we can put away the sin and live a holy life. If Christians are willing to follow the principles of God, it is time to show your part. You need to act as already mentioned.

We run a maze all over our living years called life. We do not regret doing sinful things. Moreover, we do things that are not right. The main error is we do that wrong in spite of knowing that particular activity is wrong. We do not perform things that we wish to perform. In simple terms, we learn and use the biblical principle to forget another. We serve our neighbor to find out what they are doing and what they have forgotten. It is harming them unintentionally. We feed poor people just to obtain the praise from other people. It is better to live as we are and not get lost.