Bible’s view on Wedding Relationship

rings_bible_pugoodwinsThe majority of Christians view marriage as a holy relationship with God. The relationship between the two people remains as a sacred institution. If you have come across marriage counselors, then you should have heard the real meaning of marriage. Many people in the society are trying to avoid marriage. It is a wrong action. If you are a truthful and sound Christian follower, you will know the importance of marriage.

Created for relationships
Relationships and love are the major themes of the holy book Bible. St. Augustine has mentioned the statement when culminating in Revelation and beginning in Genesis that our hearts are agitated until we put it in rest. God has developed a beautiful relationship with his creation. The entire scripture work explains the relationship. He has mentioned what relationship is, how to have, how to rest, how to enjoy, how to hold and how to communicate.

God did not want his creatures to have a relationship only with him. He wanted people to have a relationship with other. It is the reason he has created others. When we follow the path of Jesus Christ, we will love the places he has lived and live at places he has spent his entire life. Marriage is the most intimate relationship that human beings come across. It helps a person to live a life without selfishness. The relationship teaches people various lessons. We give importance to our spouse and the same way we get the same importance in return.

The Christian weddings reflect the image of God. It is an opportunity that serves for women and men to produce children. When you give birth to children, you and your spouse will feel responsible. It is the next stage of relationship that runs with commitment, trust, and loyalty. Remember, that one of the most precious gifts from God is children.

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