At What Age Should a Child Be Taught How to Pray?

At What Age Should a Child Be Taught How to PrayIf you are religious and you want to pass this to your child, make sure that you teach your child how to pray at a young age. This is something that is developed over time. If you instill the value of faith, your child will appreciate it. In fact, even without being told, your child will keep on praying.

It would be nice if you are there to see your child praying. However, you can’t be there at all times. The good thing is that you can use a baby monitor. It allows you to hear what your child is saying even if you are not physically there inside the room. You will know once your child starts to pray as you can hear it with the help of the baby monitor. You can check BabyGearGuide for more information about the best child monitor to use.

Don’t force faith

Being prayerful takes time and practice. You want to teach the right values to your child without necessarily forcing religion down the throat. It must be a good experience. Faith is something that grows with time and experience. There is nothing wrong in teaching a child to pray at a young age, especially during the time when the child learns how to speak.

However, you need to make sure that it is done the right way. You teach about the right values to be learned from being prayerful and not to judge others who don’t share the same faith, or are not a believer at all.

Walk the talk

Aside from teaching your child how to pray, you should also show the right values by example. You cannot just tell your child to be prayerful without necessarily showing how it is to be a good follower of the words. It is easier to believe what you say if you can show what it truly means to be faithful. Children learn fast especially if they learn the values from their parents. Therefore, they need to be given the right tools growing up. However, if the time comes when they are ready to choose their path of faith moving forward, they must have the choice to do so.

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