Are Water Softeners Natural?

Are Water Softeners NaturalAsk any homeowner about hard water and you can see it plainly written on their faces — it’s a frustrating problem that causes a number of annoyances. For instance, some issues related to hard water include:

  • Scale buildup that can cause water using appliances to be less efficient and clog pipes
  • Minimizes the effectiveness of soaps
  • Dry skin
  • Water spots on dishes

For a solution to these annoying problems, many homeowners turn to water softeners. But, are these products natural? If you would like to know the answer to this question, keep reading for more information.

A brief summary on water softeners

Water softeners are used to restore the natural chemical balance of your water. They work by removing positively charged magnesium and calcium ions from the water, which will prevent the formation of scale deposits.

Types of water softeners

There were two basic types of water softeners — Salt-free and salt based. They pretty much work the same but the salt-based water softeners are the most effective of the two. This is primarily because it helps create bubbly lather, which consequently produces softer skin and brighter clothing. It also does a fantastic job of both stopping and preventing scale build up. But, it is important a note that since it adds sodium to the water, this type of water softener might not be the best solution for those who suffer from heart disease or have blood pressure. For these individuals, the salt-free water softeners are an excellent alternative.

Benefits of water softeners

Using a water softener for your home plumbing system will provide many noticeable benefits. Some of these include:

  • Noticeable decrease in the repair and maintenance costs of your pipes and appliances
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Extended lifetime of all water using appliances
  • Water using appliances will run more efficiently
  • Clothes will be whiter, brighter, and softer
  • Reduced accumulation of soap scum on your tubs, sinks, and other places
  • Skin will be cleaner, sleeker, and softer
  • Dishes and other washed items have fewer water spots

Are water softeners natural?

No matter what the critics say, there’s no denying that salt-based water softeners are the more effective of the two. Not only does this type of water softener help both prevent and remove the scale buildup and bacteria in your plumbing, it also acts as a natural antibiotic.

One only has to look through the pages of history to see instances where ancient cultures use salt to preserve their food and prevent bacteria from growing on cured cheeses and meats. But, that’s not all – research from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine shows that the body uses salt as a natural antibiotic as well.

For example, when are plagued by a skin infection, the body will naturally introduce more salt to the area in an effort to fight the infection and increase the effectiveness of the body’s defensive systems.

So, in a nutshell, it’s safe to say that water softeners are indeed natural. And, when you consider the benefits that they provide, they are a worthy investment that every homeowner should consider.

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