Are Guns against the Teachings of the Bible?

Generally speaking, guns are against the teachings of the Bible. Christianity is a religion of peace. If you totally understand the message of the Bible, it is all about bringing love and peace to mankind. The main teaching is to love our enemies and forgive those who have hurt us. In short, guns are totally against the teachings of the Bible.

This is why it is too hypocritical of conservative Christians to be raising their faith all the time to hate on the LGBT community, Islam and the minority because they are seen as a threat while they embrace the use of guns. They have always fought for the protection of the second amendment.

In reality, there are reasons why people use guns. Some of them use guns for self-defense. Others feel safer when they have guns around. In a way, this is understandable. However, promoting the culture of violence using guns is definitely not the way to go. Hunting animals or killing other people using guns will never be justified.

Most of these hypocrites suggest that a good person with a gun can stop a bad person with a gun. This is definitely not true. If it is, we should have seen tonnes of successful wars in history. As we see it, all wars ended the wrong way. No one has emerged victorious. Everyone lost. Some may have declared victory, but even victors ended up losing people. Therefore, saying that a good man with a gun can stop a bad man with a gun just doesn’t make sense.

Stop the escalation of violence

The general teaching of Jesus was to prevent problems from escalating as much as possible. This is why the Bible says that when someone slaps you on the cheek, give your other cheek. It was His way of saying that you should never resort to revenge as a solution to the problem. He taught people to love even those whom we find extremely difficult to love.

If He had His way, He would have retaliated against those who have wronged Him. He could have easily used His powers to take revenge, but He never did. This is not what Christianity is about. The entire life of Christ was all about love and forgiveness. Even the most sinful people in the society received love from Him.

He embraced a prostitute and told people that whoever has done no wrong should cast the first stone. He converted a tax collector into one of his apostles. It was never on His list to take matters into your own hands and kill people who have done you wrong.

The sad reality about guns

Gun lobbyists are too powerful now. They can easily support candidates who support gun rights and topple down someone who doesn’t. In the US where the culture of the gun has been cultivated, it is quite difficult opposing those who support the second amendment. In fact, even if they agree on a candidate’s policies, but that candidate has not expressed support for gun’s rights, he will most probably lose.

This is not the world we are supposed to live in. Only those who have anger in their hearts find guns useful. If you are the type of Christian who loves peace and spreading kindness, you will never resort to guns as a solution to the problem.

This has to end. We must not in any way support the culture of violence. Several countries in the world have seen hostilities but they have never taken it upon themselves to bear arms and further the conflict.

People who support gun rights can freely do so. However, they should never use the name of Christ in promoting their agenda. If Christ were here, He would easily disown these people.

Ultimately, if you believe in guns and you want to buy the best bug out guns, it is your choice. However, you must be responsible. There are a lot of gun owners who believe in gun control. They know that their ownership of a gun is all about protection and not revenge. Therefore, politicians who support gun control should not be voted out just because they want to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. Just think of your children and their future before supporting the widespread use of guns.

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